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Recommended by 32 people
Recommended by 32 people
Ionut Marin
Jun 21, 2024
William Hale
The staff are good people and are a pleasure to be around. 
Jan 16, 2024
Brad Smith
This was the lodging of last resort. People you might identify as homelesd stayed here. There are two levels of rooms here TERRIBLE (former Ramada)...  Read more
Oct 11, 2023
Beth Grant
Convenient to downtown but can't call the. Umber is out of order sad...went to get a room no longer open the place is closed down ..sad it wasn't...  Read more
Sep 24, 2023
mikey man
Beware the fire department just closed it down because it's a danger the owner is rude the people are rude the pool's green roaches when this place...  Read more
Sep 13, 2023
Jerry Sanchez
I was a resident when they police and fire Marshalls came and forcibly evacuated the entire hotel over fire code and safety violations that the...  Read more
Sep 12, 2023

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